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Spring Break Day Camp 2020

If your family is in need of an active and fun spring break day camp for 2020, the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has a program for you. We offer a broad range of activities, from gymnastics classes to dance to arts & crafts. A spring break day camp gives your children an advantage by offering them the opportunity to experience an engaging and inspiring activity program away from their screens and interact with a new group of peers during their time off school. They can learn new skills, or develop previously established ones.

Spring Camp 2020

Spring Break Camps in Los Angeles

Spring break is, unfortunately, one of the less standardized school break periods in the year. That’s why LA School of Gymnastics offers its spring camp between April 6th and 17th. This allows students from the following Los Angeles County and Orange County school districts to attend our spring break day camp in 2020:

  • Downey Unified School District
  • Brea Olinda Unified
  • Garden Grove Unified
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Newport-Mesa Unified School District
  • Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified
  • Torrance Unified School District
  • Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
  • Compton Unified School District
  • Huntington Beach Unified School District
  • Long Beach Unified School District
  • Bellflower Unified School District
  • Hawthorne School District
  • Magnolia School District
  • ABC Unified School District
  • Fountain Valley School District
  • Los Alamitos Unified School District
  • Montebello Unified School District
  • Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District
  • Ocean View Unified
  • Paramount Unified School District
  • La Habra City School District
  • Culver City Unified School District
  • Beverly Hills Unified School District

We offer a variety of options to suit families that have different child care needs. We offer half-days as well as extended care for evenings. Young campers start the day at 9am, with 3 hours of fun-packed activity before a lunch break. For full-day campers, activities pick up after lunch until 3pm, when camp activities end for the day. However, we also offer early and late care for parents on different schedules. For a small additional fee, LA School of Gymnastics can watch your child from 8am until 9am, or from 3pm until 6pm. During late care, children are entertained with coloring books, movies, and cartoons.

Spring Day Camp

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics’ spring break day camp 2020 is a camp for kids of all ages. We have multiple specialty programs to cater to different age groups and ensure that everyone is challenged and entertained by the program. As well as learning gymnastics in the state’s largest dedicated gymnastics training facility, your children can learn karate, cheer, power tumbling, trampoline, rhythmic gymnastics, and more. Power tumbling and trampoline give your child the opportunity to develop basic to advanced acrobatic skills, balance skills, and confidence. We use a trampoline bed and regulation competition floors to teach these disciplines, and will give your child a grounding in the foundational skills of gymnastics and cheerleading. Karate is another skill that provides multiple benefits. Beyond the obvious self-defense knowledge, it instructs children in how to evade conflict and physical altercation. You may be interested to learn that children who learn karate not only feel more empowered, but are actually less likely to get into fights.

Another aspect of our spring camp is that we offer opportunities for creative expression. Not only will your children play games, we offer an arts and crafts program that will give kids the opportunity to express themselves constructively.

Get Your Kid Ready for LA School of Gymnastics’ Spring Break Camp

What will your child need when they attend our day camp?

  • The most important thing is enthusiasm. Spring camp is an opportunity for campers ages 5 and up to make new friends, learn new skills, or develop existing ones. It’s time spent away from screens learning more about how to use their growing bodies and gaining confidence in their abilities.
  • Lunch! Unless your child is attending only the morning session, they will need sufficient food to keep them on their feet for the morning and early afternoon. We provide coolers, a refrigerator, a vending machine, and a small snack shop with snacks from $1.25 to $5, to help your child store their bag lunch or supplement it. If you would prefer, we also offer a hot lunch for children whose parents/guardians pay a $10 cash fee in advance. We can also set up accounts for your child in our snack shop, if you would prefer them not to carry cash.
  • Hydration is essential for people of any age engaging in physical activity. It’s especially important to make sure children stay hydrated, since they are less likely to independently attend to their hydration. Make sure they have a water bottle or some other form of taking in liquid during the day. Preferably, one that can be refilled.
  • Unlike our regular classes, we do not require uniforms to be worn for our spring break program. If your child already has a Los Angeles School of Gymnastics uniform, they can wear that, or appropriate clothes that will allow for a broad range of movement and rigorous physical activity.
  • There will also be days when the camp will take a field trip to the local swimming pool. You’ll be notified of these days. Please be sure to either pack a suitable swimming costume and towel for your child, or collect your child before the field trip leaves.

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has been offering summer camps and other school vacation sports camps since its founding over 45 years ago. We are highly experienced in providing a fun and engaging camp environment for boys and girls of all ages. We may be giving the pre-kindergarteners in kiddie camp their first experiences of gymnastics. Perhaps we’re helping 5th-grade kids master somersaults or experience trampolining for the first time. We could even be providing 8th-graders with the self-defense skills that will stand them in good stead for their adult life. Regardless of what we’re doing, you can rest assured that your child is being taken care of by some of the most highly-trained and professional gymnastics instructors in the city. Our coaches have converged on Los Angeles from over 14 countries, drawn by this school’s sterling reputation. Many of them possess Masters degrees in Physical Education, Anatomy and Physiology, or are themselves, former professional athletes.

If you’re interested in getting your child involved in Los Angeles School of Gymnastics’ spring break day camp 2020, contact us on 310-204-1980, or check out our website.