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Youth Gymnastics Los Angeles

Choosing a Center for Youth Gymnastics in Los Angeles

Youth Gymnastics Los Angeles

For youth gymnastics Los Angeles is an excellent place to be. The city has a reputation for producing Olympic gymnasts, including Peter Vidmar, Mitch Gaylord, Michelle Dusserre, and Jamie Dantzscher. Choosing a center for youth gymnastics can be a tough decision, but we have some advice to help you make the best decision for your young gymnast.


Youth Gymnastics: Los Angeles Competitions


If you are looking for a youth gymnastics Los Angeles center based on the competitions it is involved in, you’ll be pleased to learn that the annual LA Lights Tournament of Champions is hosted by the acclaimed Los Angeles School of Gymnastics. Every year talented young gymnasts from around the world come to Los Angeles to compete and meet. For youth gymnastics Los Angeles competitions are quite a draw, and a wonderful motivator for promising young gymnasts who hope to compete one day too.


Youth Gymnastics: Los Angeles over Summer


For those with an interest in youth gymnastics Los Angeles has summer camps available. Between June and late August, day camps for children aged 2-4, 5-12, and 13-15 are available, with activities ranging from karate and parkour, to rhythmic gymnastics, cheer, to tumbling and trampolining. Half day and full day camps are available, with extended care also on offer. Summer camps are one of the best ways for your child to try out fun, new skills that they might discover a real passion or talent for and pursue further after camp has ended. Talk to Los Angeles School of Gymnastics about the camps on offer and give your child an unforgettable summer!


Youth Gymnastics: Los Angeles and Different Proficiency Levels


One of the most useful things for children involved in youth gymnastics, Los Angeles or elsewhere, is to have friends who are at similar ability levels. This way, they can keep each other motivated, help each other with aspects they may struggle with individually, and of course, enjoy socialising with peers who share their focus and drive. With this in mind, youth gymnastics in Los Angeles has a lot to offer young gymnasts of all ability levels. The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has pre-school and advanced pre-school classes, as well as beginner and intermediate classes for both boys and girls. We also have competitive teams for boys and girls and an advanced girls class.


Youth Gymnastics: Coaches


As instructors for youth gymnastics in Los Angeles go, Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is at the front of the pack. Our coaches hail from over 14 countries, with all of them certified by USA Gymnastics and OSHA. Many of them have Master’s degrees in Physical Education, Anatomy, or Physiology, and many others are former professional athletes. Combined, our 27 coaches have over 120 years of combined coaching experience.


If you are interested in youth gymnastics, Los Angeles School of Gymnastics wants to hear from you! Call us on (310) 204-1980, or contact us at We look forward to talking with you!