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2016 Rio Gymnastic Camps and Training

Gymnastics is one of the most popular sports at the Rio Olympic Games. There are different gymnastic events each year, such as women’s artistic gymnastics, men’s artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline games that can all be learned through a teen gymnastics program taught at LA School of Gymnastics.

Artistic gymnastics use different pieces of apparatus for various events.

Vault involves running down a runway, jumping onto a spring-board, and performing rotations in the air such as twists and somersaults, necessitating a proper landing at the end.

Another event taught in our teen gymnastics program is the floor exercise event.

On a foam spring floor, teen gymnastics program experience is put to work through performing jumps, a dance routine, circles and other acrobatic skills expressing their strength and agility.

For men’s gymnastics, a pommel horse may be used in their teen gymnastics program. For this event, single and double leg work is used in which the gymnast swings their legs in circles, performing stunts such as Moores, spindles and straddling the horse, requiring a dismount at the end of the performance, followed by a handstand or other manner of exit.

A teen gymnastics program may provide training for the still rings, two of which are suspended freely from the ceiling. Gymnasts swing and demonstrate dynamic motion, although one static motion is required, such as holding oneself up with their arms parallel to the floor. On the parallel bars, through a teen gymnastics program, a male gymnast can learn how to perform on the parallel bars and high bar.

The parallel bars are where gymnasts perform swings, balances, and releases. The high bar is thicker than the parallel bars and is where the gymnast can gain enough momentum to perform flourishing acrobatic dismounts.

Teen Gymnastics Programs are Available for Girls and Boys

Uneven bars will be used for women’s events that are taught at a teen gymnastics program. Gymnasts swing from bar to bar, sometimes using leather grips and tape to stay fixed on the bars. The balance beam is a popular event taught at teen gymnastics programs, involving dance, acrobatic skills and jumps on a single, wide, raised beam.

While the format may vary from gym to gym, the LA School of Gymnastics’ teen gymnastics program follows the Olympic format of the competition. Meets take place on different days such that there’s rounds for qualifications, team finals, all-around finals and event finals

The “New Life” scoring rule stipulates that scores from one session don’t carry over to the next, so for each event, the gymnast starts with a clean slate. Compulsory exercise scores are combined with optional exercise scores. In America, competition levels go from 1 to 10, with levels 1-3 including basic skills, 4-6 compulsory levels and after are advanced levels. The minimum age limit is 15 years old.

Start your child’s road to the Olympics today through our teen gymnastics program at or call (310) 204-1980, and get a $10 session discount for new members.