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Summer Camp Culver City


The Best Summer Camp in Culver City

Since 1975, the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has provided top quality gymnastic instruction and has served over 1 Million families located in the Los Angeles area. Our expert instruction, creative programs, and comprehensive curriculum help cultivate healthy, happy communities. We are proud to offer a renowned summer camp program in Culver City that is sure to give you children a fun and active experience.

Are you interested in learning about great opportunities for your children this summer? Will your kids be out of school soon and are you wondering how to balance your work schedule with their newfound time away from school? Our summer camp in Culver City is a wonderful opportunity to ensure that your children are active and occupied this summer. Our summer camp enhances your child’s chances of being physically active and mentally occupied and inspired. Our program is great for children of various age groups, for boys and girls, and for kids that are interested in honing their gymnastics skills or learning completely new ones.

Our summer camp in Culver City takes place daily, except on weekends, from June 6th 2016 to August 29th, 2016. Our experienced and friendly staff holds the summer camp in Culver City from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday . Additionally, we also offer “Early Care” and “Late Care” for the convenience of parents and caregivers. Tanya Berenson, our school’s director says that “we have a responsibility to continue to promote health and wellness” in children and that is exactly what the LA School of Gymnastics summer camp in Culver City does.

Your Kids Will Love Our Summer Camp in Culver City

From toddlers to teens, our summer camp in Culver City accepts children of all ages. We offer programs that are unique to our “Day Camp,” “Kidding Camp,” and “Teen Camp” as well as age appropriate activities. Our summer camp’s structured activities include an optional, award-winning “Swim & Gym” program in which students visit the Culver City Aquatic Center once a week. Other fun and physical activities include learning and practicing a range of gymnastics exercises, dance, martial arts, physical education, sports days, and creative arts classes. Your child is sure to find an activity throughout the day that excites them and possibly becomes a healthy hobby for the future.

The LA School of Gymnastics boasts the largest gymnastics facility in California. During summer camp in Culver City, your child will be closely supervised and strongly encouraged to use any of our three 3,000 foot spring tumbling floors, full size trampolines, multiple beam bar stations, spotting belts, and foam filled pit. Summer camp in Culver City has never been more fun and easy than when our team started to take charge. We do not allow smartphones or other technical devices at our summer camp in Culver City, so you can be sure that you child will enjoy their days without tablets, cell phones, or video games. We are proud to offer fun gymnastics, creative recreation, and healthy habits at LA School of Gymnastics. To learn more about the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics and our summer camp in Culver City please contact 310-204-1980 or visit our website.