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Stretching Class

Looking to increase your flexibility and gain the competitive edge in any spot?

Increase body strength and polymetrics?

Do you notice that your child is not getting up to speed with other students due to a lack of flexibility?

Does you child need extra flexibility to secure or gain momentum to complete elements in gymnastics, dance or cheer?

Focus on the necessity of flexibility for Dance, Cheer and all other sports including gymnastics!

Increase boy health and stretching for joints, muscles and back

Increase overall improvement in routines, competitions and add a unique element of stretching techniques to your training program.

Ages 4 yrs and older
$30 per class for drop ins
$199 for an 8 week session


Teens & Young Audlts
$25 per class for drop ins
$199 for an 8 week session

school of gymnastics

This class is the PERFECT  fit for the entry level beginner  or advanced athlete  that needs a proper stretching  program to increase their body,  back and lower extremity flexibility.