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Spring Camp Week 2

Spring Camp at Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has been a great turn of event. We ended week 2 and all left is week 3. It’s a pleasure to have these great campers, really great campers in fact. Caught them playing games I have not seen from observation there were forts, bases, throwing soft pads to bases, a lot of running and getting tired, laughter and just glad to see another day of them enjoying our Spring Camp.

What you are about to see are a few pics of campers playing a couple of games. Be warned, these kids had a ton of energy for us and the best part is fun. Thank you campers for being the best campers so far!

We got the game of…


Point of the game is for everyone to keep running back and forth on each opposite side without getting tagged or else they become a seaweed!!!!

Simple game of 4+ people, where there are two sides to run to on a square field.

1 person roams around in the middle and everyone else starts the game on one side of the square field.

When everyone is ready, call out SEAWEED!!! which then has everyone run to the other side without the roamer tagging them.

If tagged then they are to stay where they are tagged for the rest of the game and try to tag those who run pass by to be additional “seaweed”.

The roamers stays as a roamer for the rest of the game, tagging everyone they can to make them into seaweed.

Last person to survive the chaos wins the game and may chose to be the roamer or anyone in the game to be the roamer excluding the previous roamer.

Watch out he is keeping his eyes on everyone!!

The game finished and he surprised me! He liked using the camera, next thing you know I’m out of a job!

Like previously said, he is trying to take my job.

She Sneaked up on me to get in the pic! These campers are like ninjas or Im just aware of my surroundings…

So great, they just loved the camera. No request, just pure fun campers!

They finished a game of hide n’ go seek! They were found and hanging around the base.

The day has ended and we are resting. Coach Sam and Beth asking what they would like to play next and what they would like to do more of. We make sure they enjoyed it and what better to make sure of it but to ask! Our Spring Campers had great input, opinions and suggestions.

Thank you for reading the LASG blog, we have next week to finish our Spring Camp which is unfortunate but look forward to the next Summer Camp!

Well readers, I hope you enjoy the update and look forward to upcoming events.

We are having the Academy Meet & Expo on the 17th April, we are selling out tickets like hotcakes so buy yours now! Unfortunately We don’t have any VIP, we sold out on that!

Early Payment for Session 3 Ends This Sunday on the 3rd of April.

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