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Spring Break Gymnastics Camp


The new year is fully underway and as we put winter behind us, parents’ thoughts turn to what to do with their little ones during spring break: gymnastics camp, spring break camp, Los Angeles day camp?

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has your back. We’re running a comprehensive program of activities this spring break for children to learn gymnastics, practice dance and sports skills, study basic self-defense skills, and participate in arts and crafts. With options for half days and extended care in the early morning and evening, your child can be well taken care of and engaged at our spring break gymnastics camp.

Gain Gymnastics Skills at Our Spring Break Gymnastics Camp

As you might expect, the focus of our spring break gymnastics camp at Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is gymnastics. Our morning activities comprise three hours of gymnastics activities, teaching the foundations of cheerleading and gymnastics. Power tumbling, trampoline, rhythmic gymnastics, and more are explored, with balance skills and acrobatic skills on offer. As your child’s skills advance, so can their tuition.

The half-day course from 9am to 12pm includes 15 hours of gymnastics activities a week. Give your child the opportunity to learn new, exciting skills that will improve their fitness, discipline, and perhaps discover a passion that will carry them all the way to the Olympics!

Give Your Kids New Opportunities At Our Spring Break Gymnastics Camp

At LA School of Gymnastics’ full-day spring break gymnastics camp, your child will have the opportunity to learn an even broader array of skills. As well as fifteen hours of gymnastics a week, kids can learn karate. This excellent sport teaches the invaluable skill of self-defense, as well as helping a child assess how to evade conflict or physical altercations. Children who learn self-defense skills gain confidence and feel more empowered. They’re also less likely to get into fights. Currently, our full-day spring break gymnastics camp offers four hours of karate a week in addition to 15 hours of gymnastics. It’s a great way to burn off all that energy!

Your Children Can Express Themselves At Our Spring Break Gymnastics Camp

LA School of Gymnastics’ full-day spring break gymnastics camp doesn’t just mean physical activity. We want to help your kids be creative, too. That’s why our program includes dance modules and an arts & crafts workshop every week. Our program includes six hours a week for creativity. We can work with all levels of proficiency, but if your child really isn’t one for dancing, we also offer sports as an additional activity.

All-Day Care At Los Angeles School of Gymnastics

If your work hours require early or late care, we can accommodate your needs. We can look after your child from 8am for a small additional fee, and we also offer late care after our spring break gymnastics camp concludes at 3pm, from 3 until 6pm. During early and late care, coloring books, movies, and cartoons will be available to entertain the children.

If you’re interested in getting your child involved in our spring break gymnastics camp, contact LA School of Gymnastics on 310-204-1980.