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The Benefits of an LA School of Gymnastics Day Camp

Spring is around the corner, and with it, spring break.

Spring break day camp is on offer at Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, with a broad range of activities available to give your children a vacation to enjoy, ranging from gymnastics classes, self-defense, dance, and arts & crafts.

There are plenty of options to suit families with different needs: from half-days to extended care for evenings.

Spring break day camp can provide your child with a constructive and enjoyable activity program away from their screens and with children their age during their time off school.

Spring Camp Flyer

Spring Break Day Camp And Gymnastics Classes

At spring break day camp, young campers will start the day off with gymnastics classes. Students can learn basic to advanced acrobatic skills, balance skills, cheerleading, tumbling, and trampolining. This practice will improve your child’s fitness and discipline.

Who knows, they might even find an aptitude and a passion for gymnastics that can carry them to the Olympics! All iterations of the spring break day camp include 15 hours of gymnastics activities a week, from 9am to 12pm every day.

Spring Break Day Camp And Self-Defense Lessons

We want your child to gain new experience and develop as a person in their time at our spring break day camp, which is one of the reasons why we offer a range of activities for them. One of these is the opportunity to take karate lessons twice a week.

This highly beneficial sport teaches the fundamentals of self-defense and gives your child insight into how to evade conflict and de-escalate potential physical altercations. Children who possess martial arts knowledge are also less likely to get into fights.

All children enrolled in our full-day program can participate in four hours of martial arts instruction a week, between 1pm and 3pm.

Spring Break Day Camp And Self-Expression

Los Angeles’ School of Gymnastics’ spring break day camp isn’t only about physical activity. We also want to nurture your child’s creative side! That’s why our activity schedule includes provision for dance, arts, and crafts. There are six hours a week set aside for creative activities for children enrolled in the full-day program. Don’t worry if your child is resistant to the idea of dance. We also run sports workshops in parallel to help with that extra energy. We want you to pick up a peaceful and content kid at the end of the day!

Care Before And After Camp

The fun doesn’t have to end when spring break day camp does. After the activities of the day conclude, we offer three hours of late care coverage, from 3pm until 6.

During late care, children are entertained with coloring books, movies, and cartoons. We also offer early care, which starts from 8am. Both of these services require an additional fee.