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SCLARC Vendor Fair 10/17/14

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics Special Education Director Darryl Thompson attended the South Central Los Angeles Regional Center Vendor Fair. This fair specialized in vendors who offer accommodations for special education. Coach Darryl, specializes in special needs students who are interested in Gymnastics. Students from LAUSD were invited to the vendor fair to come and see all of the opportunities available to them throughout the LA County. Coach Darryl is passionate about the Special Education Program at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics and some of his best students attend his special education class. Darryl is passionate about giving spotlight to special education students who do not usually receive any acknowledgement. Coach Darryl is excited to reach out to the community and show all these service available for special education. Daryl says “This event was spectacular in every way. The ability to get the word out about disabilities is in full swing.” Darryl is excited for the future in special education. The Special Olympics World Summer Games will be hosted in Los Angeles in 2015 . Be sure to go out and support our athletes at this prestigious event.

By Mynor Garcia


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