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After School Programs For Kids

After School Programs For Kids

LA School of Gymnastics Has Great After School Programs for Kids

Founded in 1975, LA School of Gymnastics fosters athleticism for children, young adults, adults and people with disabilities. With diverse and certified coaches, the LA School of Gymnastics has a number of after school programs for kids focusing on fitness.

There Are Numerous Benefits of After School Programs for Kids

There a number of benefits of after school programs for kids. One of the great advantages of after school sports is increased fitness. Through practicing sports, kids not only become fit but they also establish healthy practices that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. When involved with after school sports and enrichment programs, they are less likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors such as the over use of technology and eating too much junk food. The LA School of Gymnastics offers a range of after school programs for kids, including:

After School Programs for Kids:

Girls Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Boys Gymnastics, Adult Gym, Off Ice Skating, All Star Cheer, Special Education and more.

After School Classes for Kids:

Boys Gymnastics: Boys Beginning, Boys Intermediate, Boys Competitive Team, Boys Trampoline and Tumbling

Girls Gymnastics: Girls Beginning, Girls Intermediate, Girls Advanced, Girls Competitive Team

Pre-school Classes: Pre-School, Mini Tots

Morning Classes

Cheerleading: Power Tumbling, Trampoline and Tumbling

Sunday Classes

Special Education

After school programs for kids instill a sense of teamwork and cooperation as well as cultivates socialization and leadership skills. Kids must learn how to work with others, how to collaborate on projects for the greater good and how to learn from other kids. They get to consort with kids they may not have the opportunity of meeting at their school or in their social circles. Working in a diverse environment opens children’s minds and hearts to the world around them that may be alien to them. Furthermore, they learn leadership skills through after school programs for kids. More advanced, senior or older kids can help their companions. This kind of mentorship builds self-esteem and self-worth for both parties.

More, after school programs for kids allow children to learn how to be composed under pressure and build their confidence through achievement. Better, if they fail, they learn to how to cope with their shortcomings and how to improve. Confidence building is so important to the development of a child. This includes understanding that their worth is not contingent of activities such as sports or other achievements. They learn that it’s ok fail and how to fail better.

Time management is a useful skill that’s taught through after school programs for kids. Students must learn to arrive to their programs not just on time, but early. They understand that they have a number of responsibilities and tasks they must complete at school, at home and after school that must all be resolved within a certain timeline. cites ‘the 3 Ps: persistence, patience and practice’ as being a byproduct of after school programs for kids. Through persistence kids learn that they have to be tenacious and dedicated to achieve what they aspire to. Patience is an invaluable characteristic that is profitable to be ingrained in your child early on—of course; good things come to those who wait. Lastly, only through practice can one improve any of their skills, and after school programs for kids teach the importance of this.

Enrich your child’s life with after school programs for kids at LA School of Gymnastics, or call (310) 204-1980, and get a $10 session discount for new members.