Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational and Conference Championship 2016 Results

 May 24, 2016

By  mel

The results are in and glad to have found it,

We have quite the amazing students to score high because they aimed high, all are number 1 to us and we still believe they all deserve to be at the top.

For the Girls Gymnastics Invitational, the top ranking ladies are: (be patient, we have a lot of girls that competed)

Level 4 Child


  • 3rd Mora, Madeleine.  Score of 7.90
  • 5th Song, Isabel.  7.40


  • 3rd Mora, Madeleine. Score of 6.90


  • 2nd Rummier, Pia. Score of 7.10
  • 4th (Tie) Mora, Madeleine. 7.00
  • 4th (Tie) Song, Isabel. 7.00

All Around

  • 4th Mora, Madeleine Total Score of 21.80
  • 5th Song, Isabel Total Score of 21.00

Level 5 Child


  • 3rd Kim, Fiona. Score of 9.10
  • 4th O’Herron, Sophia. 8.85


  • 2nd O’ Herron, Sophia. Score of 9.90
  • 4th Kim, Fiona. 9.40


  • 1st Kim, fiona Score of 10.20
  • 3rd O’ Herron, Sophia. 10.00

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