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Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach Los Angeles

The Best Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach in Los Angeles

Since 1975, the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has served over one million families with innovative programs and a comprehensive curriculum that supports happy, healthy children. We pride ourselves as being the first gymnastics center in Los Angeles and believe that we have the most amazing rhythmic gymnastics coaches in Los Angeles.

Our specialized trainers offer a unique opportunity for children to experience top-quality coaching from some of the most experienced and highly trained individuals on the planet. All of our programs are taught by professionally qualified instructors with Master’s Degrees and Physical Education degrees from Europe.

The Academy Meet & Expo 2016 is an opportunity for students of all ages and levels to showcase their talents. Our rhythmic gymnastics coaches in Los Angeles will be present to ensure that their students receive support and guidance throughout the course of this special day. Let your child shine at this event during which students of all ages will grace the stage and go home with a gold trophy to encourage their commitment to the gymnastics.

What is the Rhythmic Gymnastics in Los Angeles Program?

The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics offers a range of classes and programs that appeal to students of all ages and genders. The rhythmic gymnastics program is geared towards young girls, as they are the only gender that participates in this sport at the Olympic level. Our expert trainers make us proud to say that we have the best rhythmic gymnastics coaches in Los Angeles. Our trainers and coaches are dedicated to providing premier quality coaching and guidance as your child learns about this beautiful and fun sport. Rhythmic gymnastics is a combination of dance and gymnastics that is performed as a routine set to music. Participants use ribbons, hoops, and balls and express themselves to choreographed dance moves and music all while wearing eye-catching costumes.

Throughout the late 1900s, rhythmic gymnastics began to gain popularity as both a hobby and a sport. Conceptualized in France by Jean-Georges Noverre, Francois Delsarte, and Rudolf Bode, rhythmic gymnastics was a unique form of self-expression through movement. Almost half a century later, the sport became competitive in the Soviet Union and was finally named “Rhythmic Gymnastics” in the 1960s and added to the Olympics in the 1980s. Since then, many famous coaches and rhythmic gymnastics participants have immigrated to the United States where they have become famous rhythmic gymnastics coaches in Los Angeles.

For more information about the best rhythmic gymnastic coach in Los Angeles visit our website or call the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics at (310) 204-1980.