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Parkour Classes in Los Angeles Could Benefit You

parkour classes

If you or your kiddo are wanting to try something new this summer or you are looking for a new, creative way to get outside, parkour classes might be the answer. By learning to free run and improvise while exercising, the participant will learn so much more than basic sports skills. Parkour is a very unique activity, and the challenge can leave a runner feeling excited, confident, and full of energy (without the sugar!) While everybody is different, here are some general benefits of taking parkour classes.

Parkour Classes exercise the entire body.

Regular running on a track, treadmill, or field generally only works out the lower half of the body. The arms would need to be worked out somehow else. However, with parkour classes, a participant truly gets an entire body workout.

It encourages quick-thinking.

Parkour is sometimes called free-running, and that’s because there is no set map or plan in place when we set off on our journey. Because of this, the runner must be able to think on their feet and make decisions that will benefit them, challenge them, and get them to the next obstacle.

It promotes creativity.

Like the quick-thinking aspect of parkour, this activity also promotes creativity. At any moment, the runner is given a variety of choices in what path to take to reach their next destination. Because of this, they must get creative in what they can jump on, launch off, or roll through.

It stimulates social behavior.

Parkour can be done alone or in groups. But, with parkour classes, it is always in a group setting. This encourages people to interact and make friends. Combined with the outside setting and sheer fun of parkour, this activity truly promotes positive social behavior and interacting.

It boosts confidence.

If you are able to successfully reach your destination or land a jump or obstacle that seemed hard at first, this can really boost confidence. Parkour, too, is a very encouraging and warm environment. Runners will be surrounded by people that support and empower them to be the best that they can be.

At LA School of Gymnastics, we offer a variety of parkour classes for runners of all ages. As always, these classes are led by professionals who want to promote the safest environments for learning and growth.