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Rio Olympic Gymnastics Classes

Start Your Child’s Road To The Olympics Through Gymnastics Classes


Gymnastics classes for future olympians


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Gymnastics is one of most popular sports at the Rio Olympic Games. There are different gymnastic events each year, such as women’s artistic gymnastics, men’s artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline, that can all be learned through a gymnastics classes.

Becoming an Olympian will likely be the most involved, difficult undertaking of one’s life. It’s a long road that requires sheer will, commitment and mental vitality. All the necessary attributes can be taught through gymnastics classes. The skills learned through gymnastics classes affect all segments of an athlete’s life: their health, discipline, commitment and motivation.

Potential athletes must start on their road to the Olympics early—the sport favors the young. While the minimum age limit is 15 years old, gymnasts start as soon as possible. The discipline is easier to perform in when the athlete is light, small and agile, all characteristics that are more pronounced in the young.

Gymnastics Classes Will Teach Your Child All They Need To Know on Their Road to The Olympics

The basics of being an athlete are so important and they are taught at our gymnastics classes. This includes diet: eliminating junk food, having a balanced, clean diet and regular small meals throughout the day to power their workout. Most Olympic athletes have a strict diet and consume a large, fixed number of calories per day. Gymnastics classes are compulsory for training. Olympic athletes spend the majority of their time training when they’re not at school. The value of practice cannot be overstated. Training hours can reach 30+ hours per week—Olympic training is like having a job and that’s a lot of time in gymnastics classes if you want a shot of the big time. Strength, and flexibility training can be boring parts of gymnastics classes, but they’re absolutely necessary.

Gymnastics class will introduce the athlete to a coach and the importance of having the right coach is huge. Other than your coach being someone you spend a lot of time with, your coach is going to steer your career. You need a coach who is suited to your learning style, whether that’s someone who is more or less militant. But you also want someone who knows when to push you and when to let off the gas—in the beginning your limits will be tested, pushed and hopefully broken. This process can vary in terms of comfort.

Further, you want to ensure that the gym that you take your gymnastics classes at has proper equipment and facilities. The gym needs to have ample room to be able to perform full routines and dismounts.

The athlete’s mental workout is just as important as the physical one, and are taught at gymnastic classes at well. Gymnastic classes teach how to visualize skills, eliminate fear, and practice positive affirmations.

Start your child’s road to the Olympics today through our gymnastics classes at LA School of Gymnastics, or call (310) 204-1980, and get a $10 session discount for new members.