An educational institution focused on the athleticism of children, young adults, adults, and people with disabilities, the LA School of Gymnastics leverages its team of coaching experts to furnish a consistently high professional standard of training. The team draws on a collection of qualified individuals with origins spanning 14 different nations. Each LA School of Gymnastics coach must complete several certification courses, including those sanctioned by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Moreover, 10 of the facility’s 27 coaches hold Master’s degrees in Physical Education, Anatomy and Physiology, or have backgrounds in professional athletics.

Founded in 1975, the school has expanded from its humble start into its current position as an institution widely regarded throughout the United States. Over the course of its more than three decades in business, the training center has helped realize the athletic dreams of more than one million families. Since opening, the school has diversified its offerings by hosting gymnastics-themed birthday parties, summer and winter camps, and adult programs.

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is the first gymnastics center in Los Angeles! The school has served families with quality gymnastics instruction, innovative programs and well-rounded curriculum supporting healthy, happy children since 1975. 

We have a long history of success in gymnastics and fitness instruction along with highly specialized trainers that offer a unique opportunity for children that is unsurpassed in the Los Angeles area. 

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