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Movie/TV Production Rentals

Gymnastic Equipment Rentals for Movie/TV Production Rentals

Movie:TV Production Rentals

When your production unit needs to rent high caliber gymnastics equipment on short notice, you want to prioritize working with professionals who understand the industry and can meet your production’s needs with the absolute minimum of hassle. Movie/TV production rentals that you can rely on to be available quickly and in top condition are gold dust in LA County. Just as well that the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is on hand!

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Los Angeles School of Gymnastics Has What You Need

For years our company has been providing TV, film, and photography projects with the professional equipment needed for authentic gymnastics-themed shoots. We are proud of our extensive catalog of high-quality apparatus and our status as industry leaders in this niche. Parallel bars, trampolines, beams, tumble mats, vaults, ropes, and rhythmic gymnastic gear– we have it all. However, it is not simply props that we provide.

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Additional Services

The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is available for consulting on gymnastics and dance. Our facility is also available for partial or full-scale production use. If you need experienced advice on recommended safety equipment for your set or ours, technicians to help set up, strike, or properly manage equipment use, we can provide. Our Olympic quality training facilities also function as a casting or callback space, with very reasonable rates.

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The People To Make Your Production Shine

When you need to cast talent with a capital T, we have you covered. Talk to Los Angeles School of Gymnastics for access to our stable of male and female gymnasts, rhythmic gymnasts, acrobats, martial artists, ballerinas, and more. We have Olympic caliber athletes just waiting to be a part of your story, and spotters and safety equipment to keep the talent safe, whether in-house or externally cast.

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Authenticity, Safety, Excellence

When you’re incorporating high-intensity gymnastic or dance routines into your production, you have a duty of care to your cast and crew to put them first. At Los Angeles School of Gymnastics we understand this too, because it’s the same way we feel about our students and staff. We know the equipment you need to ensure your shoot is safe and sensible. Don’t be afraid to ask. With over 40 years of experience and a galaxy of Olympic gymnastic stars of the past and present at hand, we are the local authority on all matters gymnastic. Choose the reliable provider with the phenomenally large inventory, the authentic and versatile facilities, the deep pool of available talent, and the expertise to make sure your production goes according to plan from set-up to strike. Choose the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics. We look forward to hearing from you and serving your production needs.


If you are interested in movie/TV production rentals from the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, you should get in touch with industry expert Tanya Berenson at 310-204-1980. Alternatively, email, or get in touch via text at 310-936-8615.

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