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Little Kids Gymnastics

Getting Young Children To Be Active

Little Kids Gymnastics

These days it’s hard to make the time to be active with your children. This doesn’t alter its importance, though. Aside from the obvious fitness benefits for parent and child alike, it can be a potent way of fostering bonds with your kid. Something as straightforward as kicking a soccer ball round the yard, or going for a swim, can improve your relationship with your child. But what to do if you can’t avoid commitments elsewhere? Your child still needs to engage in physical activity with others in order to develop healthily. For little kids gymnastics and other activities are an excellent way to develop not only physical but also cognitive abilities, socialize and burn energy. LA School of Gymnastics is the most experienced gymnastics center in Los Angeles, and we offer little kids gymnastics classes to nurture their strength, stamina, and social skills.


Developing Strong Kids


When you think of little kids gymnastics may not be the first physical activity that comes to mind. However, the coordination, strength, and balance children can learn from formal gymnastics class can give them a real advantage in their development. After all, they’ll hopefully be using those bodies they’re in for another seventy years or more. Best for them to develop a good relationship with it and an appreciation for what they are capable of with it. For some little kids gymnastics is how they learn the confidence and direction-taking that will put them head and shoulders above their classmates at grade school. Why not give your children the gift of gymnastics classes to get them off to a great start?


Little Kids Gymnastics 101


There aren’t many out there who have a better appreciation for the value of little kids’ gymnastic lessons than LA School of Gymnastics. After all, we’ve been providing families with gymnastic training for over forty years. We’ve seen a lot in that time, and we’ve taken that experience and refined it to provide excellence in gymnastics instruction, with our multi-lingual team of international athletes and academics. Try our Mini Tots class, for children aged 3-4. Participants will learn basic tumbling skills and practice with fundamental gymnastic apparatus such as the bars, the beam, and the mini-vault– all age-appropriate for the group.


Little Kids Gymnastics 101


For children who’ve shown promise in the Mini Tots class, the Hot Tots class is an invitational class for children aged 3-5 that builds on your little kids’ gymnastics learned in the previous class. Additional tumbling skills, and extension of the training with gymnastic equipment is offered, as well as further skill training that can lead to advanced placement. Regardless of the potential of your child, they stand to gain a great deal from the benefits of gymnastic instruction.


Little Kids Gymnastics Electives


Perhaps your family has particular requirements. Maybe our current schedule doesn’t match your own. Don’t worry! LA School of Gymnastics is prepared to offer additional classes. Our minimum class size is 3. If you’d prefer private instruction to teach your little kids gymnastics, that’s also an option! We’re ready to work with you to help your kids have fun and get strong with gymnastics.


Get in touch with LA School of Gymnastics, the number one center in the county for little kids’ gymnastics. Call us on 310-204-1980, or find more information at