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Late Fee will be in effect as of 4/18

Late Fee

Hi everyone,

Due to multiple circumstances with the beginning of the sessions, payments will have a late fee if late. It makes it difficult for us to have to call multiple parents on the day the student usually attends their classes. It is not the child’s responsibility to remind their parents of the due payments for the new session. We do our best to inform and remind everyone of the events we adore to have for all the children, teens, young adults and families. We especially do our best to inform everyone in almost every sense possible, that means and not limited to Social Media, Website, Email Newsletter, and in person. So please at least follow Facebook
to be informed of the upcoming dates or sign up to our bimonthly newsletter.

Late Fee will be $25.

Thank you for reading, have a nice weekend! Hope to see many familiar and unfamiliar faces at the Academy Meet!