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Kids’ Gym Near Me

Are you wondering ‘Where can I find an excellent kids’ gym near me?’ Los Angeles has no shortage of gyms for adults who are interested in various sports and activities. Crossfit, aerials, gymnastics, even yoga. It’s less common to find a gymnasium that puts serious consideration into its program for children. Luckily, there is an excellent option available in Culver City. Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has been providing families with quality gymnastics classes and other programs for over 40 years.


LA’s Best Gym and Tumbling Classes


We are proud to consider ourselves the best gym in Los Angeles for gymnastics programs. We are focused on cultivating the athleticism of children, young adults, adults, and people with disabilities. Our international team of exceptionally qualified coaches are well-trained in all appropriate certifications, including OSHA requirements. Over a third of our coaching staff has Master’s degrees in Physical Education, Anatomy and Physiology, or backgrounds in professional athletics. 


Our tumbling classes are highly beneficial for children of all ages. From our Pre-Level 1 gymnastics classes for pre-school kids, involving basic tumbling skills and age-appropriate equipment, to our Power Tumbling classes for teenage boys and girls, there are plenty of options available. Tumbling can benefit your child regardless of where their interests lie. The strength, discipline, and confidence your child develops as a result of working to expand the limits of their body can be applied to other pursuits, such as academics, or additional athletic pastimes. Tumbling can be highly advantageous to boys and girls interested in taking up cheerleading, or even parkour.


Competitive Classes


If your child is interested in pursuing competitive gymnastics, there’s no better gym to join than the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics. We offer two highly popular options for competitive gymnastics: the challenging and demanding Junior Olympic program, and the flexible and expressive Xcel Program. The coaching team at our school is experienced in fostering the talent of competitive gymnasts, from Level 1 as far as the Olympics themselves.


Additional Services



Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is not only experienced in offering classes for students. We also provide gymnastics summer camps for parents who need a safe and nurturing environment for their kids over the summer, and kids who want a fun and entertaining place to express themselves physically while off school over the summer vacation. Children of all ages can enjoy our camp programs, with gymnastics offered alongside other activities such as dance, martial arts, and swimming. Every day offers something new to engage with. It’s an excellent opportunity for your child to sample lots of new interests and decide which one they want to pursue past the summer. Many of these, Los Angeles School of Gymnastics can facilitate ourselves.


We are also happy to host birthday parties. Los Angeles School of Gymnastics provides several different themes. Our friendly and professional staff members can assist you in getting everything you need for your party. We offer a range of birthday party activities to match your party’s theme. If you want to host a gymnastics or parkour party, we can easily accommodate that. If you’re looking for a venue that can handle a themed party (Disney, superheroes, etc.) we are highly capable of working with you on that too. We can provide floor activities such as mazes, zip lining, a foam-filled pit, obstacle courses, a Peter Pan flying ride, trampolines, and more. We can accommodate parents with toddlers and other very young children in attendance.


Los Angeles School of Gymnastics for Kids

Here, we are of the opinion that gymnastics is the most beneficial sport for everyone who feels they can participate. Gymnastics can help children develop their motor skills, fitness, flexibility, strength, character, and more. Gymnasts are the strongest and most flexible athletes in the world, pound for pound, and avoid putting on too much muscle mass that can lead to health complications later in life.

Thanks to the expertise and continued hard work of our team, many children and adults come to us every week to begin or continue their pursuit of gymnastic excellence. One million Los Angeles families can’t be wrong. If you’re interested in having your child try out a kids’ gym that has four decades of satisfied parents and children to support its claims, come to Los Angeles School of Gymnastics. Call us on (310) 204-1980 to enquire about classes your child might be able to join.