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Haunted Halloween Gym Sleepover 2019

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Halloween Sleepover 2019

If you love Sleepovers as much as we do, you will love our special gymnastics sleepover events! Here at Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, we love providing fun activities for all children to enjoy.

Our Sleepover events are designed to provide children with the opportunity to play, have fun with friends, and give parents a much-needed Date Night.

We have held Summer Jam Sleepovers, Halloween Sleepovers, and Luau-themed Sleepovers. Our staff is fantastic at games, competitions, and activities that are all developed to give children a night to remember.

An LA Gymnastics Sleepover takes you on a thrill ride of fun and excitement while building friendship bonds that your child will remember forever.

We also offer Sleepover packages for groups that are interested in participating in team building activities.

If you would like to schedule a gymnastics sleepover for your particular group, please contact us at (310) 204-1980.

Sleepover Parties are available for children of all ages and are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 pm to 8 am!