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Keep Your Kids Active This Summer


Summer camp in Los Angeles is a fun way to learn how keep your kids active in the summer and improve your children’s lives to benefit them all the way to adulthood. Find the best summer camp in Los Angeles at LA Gym.


Gymnastics Will Get Your Kids Fit


Kids who are regularly active are less likely to become obese or overweight, are at a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, have reduced blood cholesterol and lower blood pressure, higher self-esteem and reduced anxiety and depression, are more likely to build strong muscles and bones and are higher achievers in school.


Gymnastics Training Take Fitness to the Next Level


When encouraging your kids to get active and engaging in a sport like gymnastics, consider what appeals to children: fun. Fun means different things to different people, but when you make activities fun, it no longer feels like exercise. This is especially true for task related athletic activities (for children and adults alike). Encourage your children towards activities that they prefer and it’ll be much easier for them to commit and perform.


Health First


Screens are the bane of many families. But beyond cutting off kids from their family, conversation and connection, it also discourages them from being physically active. TV, phones and computers can such you in for hours without actually accomplishing anything productive. Limit exposure to a fixed amount of time so kids can get it out of the way. Also, encourage them to stay mobile somewhere when engaging in these activities so that they’re not completely sedentary.


Live Healthily This Summer


Play dates are excellent to get your child interested in sports such as gymnastics. This sport can be very individualistic, so it’s great to get friends involved. Having a friend to confide in and team with is great motivation.


If you as a family as fit and active, it’s far easier to get a child involved and motivated. Kids learn from example, and if they see that their caretakers are happy to be fit and live an active lifestyle, they will eventually follow suit. Sometimes it’s the little things—parking far from an entrance so that you can get extra steps in. Cooking meals at home with fresh ingredients and having a high-carbohydrate meal prior to a rigorous workout such as a gymnastics meet. Something as simple as getting up and stretching can be inspiring, and a great way to decompress in the morning before work and school.


Get your kids fitness oriented gifts. These come in many shapes and sizes—think jump-rope, mini or a full-sized trampoline, a hula-hoop, a badminton set. If they’re of a certain age, consider a skateboard or scooter is not only a great way to get from place to place, but can inspire interest in other sports that use similar skills such as snowboarding and surfing.


Learn how to keep your kids active with summer camp in Los Angeles. Visit, or call (310) 204-1980, and get a $10 session discount for new members.