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Gymnastics Program

Why Gymnasts Excel in Academics

Gymnastics Program

There are many advantages to you or your child getting involved in a gymnastics program. Involvement in gymnastics has been identified by several studies as a positive influence on young students, and a predictor of academic success. The challenges an athlete faces when participating in a gymnastics program are excellent preparation for the challenges of real life. Surmounting gymnastics challenges to become a stronger, nimbler, and more skilled athlete is a tremendous source of confidence, a beneficial characteristic at any stage of a student’s academic career.


Gymnasts Never Quit

Striving over hours of practice to master a bar routine or flip is one way in which a gymnastics program can improve persistence. This determination to relentlessly apply oneself again and again in the face of failure, in the knowledge that iterative improvements will lead to progress over time, is an invaluable skill for students to acquire– the sooner the better. It’s one thing to be told that ‘practice makes perfect’. It’s another thing entirely to internalize that philosophy over hours of physical exertion, not only becoming a better athlete, but a more resilient person.


A Gymnastics Program To Promote Bravery

One of the fundamental principles of gymnastics is courage– the courage to put your body on the line in the pursuit of physical achievement, becoming faster and stronger and taking on greater physical risks as your ability grows. A layman may baulk at cartwheeling over a four-inch wide beam, but to an experienced gymnast it’s child’s play. The courage to take calculated risks and manage one’s own fear and anxiety is a skill that can be learned over time at a gymnastics program and applied to a student’s academic career.


A Gymnastics Program To Encourage Growth

When participating in a gymnastics program, a growth mindset is modelled by the instructor. What is a growth mindset? A conviction that self-improvement is possible through the virtues of dedication and hard work. It’s hardly necessary to point out the advantages that such a mindset can have in the academic sphere. By transferring this skill to an academic environment, a gymnast can maintain the discipline to acquire nearly any skill through intelligently applied, methodical graft. It’s no wonder that 90% of college students involved in a gymnastics program graduate, compared to just 60% of the general population.


A Gymnastics Program To Build A Better Life

Gymnastics is important to a gymnast, but it is not the be-all and end-all. Any gymnast can tell you that a single-minded, slavish devotion to training will do more harm than good in the long run. Rest and play are also integral to a balanced life, and the key word here is ‘balanced’. Developing life skills that will benefit a gymnast in academic as well as athletic pursuits draws on all the aspects of a healthy lifestyle, which requires ample sleep, socialization with friends and family, proper nutrition, and time to pursue other interests. Participating in a gymnastics program will reinforce this wholesome structure.


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