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Gymnastics for Preschoolers


A new year means new goals for parents. To spend more time reading with your child, to reduce screen time, to research new hobbies and activities your child can participate in.

At Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, we know that especially for very young children, physical activity is vital to building all sorts of life skills and beneficial traits. Establishing good habits at this age can have an effect on a child’s entire life.

That’s one reason why we offer several classes providing gymnastics for preschoolers. Read on to learn more about the health and other benefits gymnastics can confer on your little ones!

Give Your Kids A Springboard To Great Fitness

There are numerous benefits of gymnastics for preschoolers. Gymnastics develops overall strength, builds confidence and improves self-esteem. The advantage of being in a dedicated gymnastics class is that even the shyest and unsure of children can step up and take part in physical activity, once they see their classmates participating and enjoying themselves. Following directions, developing coordination and participating in cooperative learning activities can also develop a child’s cognitive skills, giving them a headstart when it comes to classroom learning. And of course, a class full of other engaged preschoolers gives ample opportunity for social interaction. Most importantly, gymnastics for preschoolers is exciting and fun!

Gymnastics for Preschoolers Just Getting Started

LA School of Gymnastics offers several classes teaching gymnastics for preschoolers. Our introductory class, Mini Tots, is for children aged 3-4. Our specialist instructor teaches basic tumbling skills, as well as activities incorporating the bars, beam, and mini-vault. Parents can leave their child at the school for this exciting 1-hour class, one of the most regular and popular classes at our school. Make sure you sign up to get your preschooler involved!

Gymnastics for Preschoolers With Skills

We offer an advanced, invitational class providing gymnastics for preschoolers aged 3-5. Hot Tots is a continuation of our Mini Tots class, providing additional tumbling skills and experience using gymnastics apparatus such as the bars, beam, and mini-vault. And when your child begins school, we have programs for girls and boys to continue in and further develop their skills. Gymnastics for preschoolers is only a portion of the full range of services we provide!

Trust Us To Deliver Gymnastics for Preschoolers

LA School of Gymnastics has been in business for over 40 years, serving one million families. You can trust us to provide gymnastics for preschoolers, as we have the most highly specialized gymnastics instructors in the Los Angeles area. Our team includes professional athletes and specialists with advanced degrees in Physical Education, Anatomy, and Physiology. No other center has the experience and expertise we do in offering gymnastics for preschoolers.

If you’re interested in getting your child involved in gymnastics for preschoolers, contact LA School of Gymnastics on 310-204-1980, or find more information at