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Gymnastics Classes

Are Gymnastics Right For Your Child?

Gymnastics Classes

Are you considering the possibility of enrolling your child in gymnastics classes? You could be wondering about whether the investment will be worth it. Would your child get the same benefit from a trampoline in your  back yard, or joining a softball team? There are certain perks that come with the routine of regular sessions with other children and a professional gymnastics instructor. Don’t short-change your child on a successful future; consider the advantages your child could enjoy if they were to sign up for gymnastics classes at your local gymnastics school.


Gymnastics: Building Brighter Kids One Tumble at a Time


Nationally, gymnasts outperform other athletes in terms of academic excellence. More than 90 percent of gymnasts at college graduate, substantially outstripping general graduation rates and even rates for other college athletes. Multiple studies have proven that the values of discipline, hard work, and courage taught in gymnastics classes give children a palpable advantage in academics, starting in grade school and continuing to college. An NCAA study found 35% of college gymnasts had a GPA of over 3.5, a considerable improvement on the national average of 3.15.


Gymnastic Classes Are Best For Athleticism


There’s no disputing that when it comes to strength:weight ratios, it’s hard to compete with a gymnast. In terms of training, gymnastics classes aid children and adults in building lean, toned muscle, which not only lays a healthy framework for life-long health, but also improves posture and balance, giving gymnasts additional advantages in other sports, as well as building personal confidence.


Gymnastics Classes Create Well-Adjusted Adults


Studies support that early elementary and pre-k children who participate in gymnastics classes develop cognitive skills faster than those who don’t participate in physical activity. Additionally, they develop better communication and problem-solving skills, longer attention spans, and improved self-esteem. Improved self-esteem is also critical for adolescents; regular physical activity is one of the best ways to encourage this, as well as helping combat anxiety, depression, and other emotional and behavioral problems teenagers often struggle with. Lastly, because of the time and energy that gymnastics classes demand, young adult gymnasts are far less likely to abuse alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.


Gymnastics Classes Promote Life-Long Health


The beneficial long-term effects of sustained gymnastics classes on an individual’s physique cannot be understated. Gymnasts have several physical advantages over inactive people or other athletes. Compared to football players, gymnasts have a more easily sustainable physique, fewer long-term health complications, and additional fringe benefits. For example, gymnasts are less prone to startle responses than non-gymnasts, meaning they are better at responding quickly to hazards or sudden imbalance. Additionally, gymnasts are obviously more flexible than non-gymnasts. This greater range of movement with limbs can reduce injuries in everyday life. Finally, the discipline of regular gymnastics training can establish a lifelong habit of activity. The American Heart Association recommends that adults participate in moderately intense physical activity five times a week for at least 30 minutes. If the seeds of physical activity as a regular habit are sown as a child, the adult can maintain a healthy body long into adult life.


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