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Gymnastics Class

Keep Your Kids Active This Summer


Gymnastics Class  

Summer camp in Los Angeles is a fun way to learn how keep your kids active in the summer and improve your children’s lives to benefit them all the way to adulthood. Find the best summer camp in Los Angeles at LA Gym.


Gymnastics Benefit Many Facets of a Child’s Life


It’s difficult for children to get the physical that they require while at school. Lack of physical education funding has decreased the amount of time they get being active, that’s if they get any of such activity at all. Some schools have eliminated these classes altogether. Another reason this time has been decreased is the emphasis on standardized testing in classes. This makes it such that as much time as possible is dedicated to studying and passing these tests, especially if the teacher is penalized or rewarded (sometimes penalized in the form of losing their jobs) there will be a greater focus on anything test related and less focused on any other activities.


Gymnastics Boost Children’s Academic Performance


Because of urbanization and population growth, there is less space for children to be active while at school. Further sedentary activities such as interacting with technology is easy and convenient for educators to provide. Since it’s easy to occupy the time, energy and focus of students if you put them in front of a screen, there is less motivation to allow them to engage is physical activities.


See a Difference in Fitness and School with Gymnastics


Because of these and many other reasons, it’s imperative that you enroll your child in a sport such as gymnastics to keep them occupied, healthy and sharp. Children who engage in greater rates of activity have higher tests scores in reading and math. Kids who are active boost neurotrophic factor, a substance that grows brain cells, stimulates neurogenesis, that’s responsible for new neurons, mobilizes the expression of genes that helps enhance brain plasticity and prevents brain tissue loss. Fit kids have more brain volume in the hippocampus and therefore better memory and more long-term retention.


See How Your Child Blooms with Regular Athletics


Kids who are active, such as those who are involved with gymnastics, are more focused and less impulsive. Many kids, including those all the way through teen hood (and beyond, for some) can have a tendency to be high-energy and high-impulsivity. When they have a productive outlet that’s also a regular commitment, it can be an excellent outlet.


Children who experience ADHD can have real responsiveness with regular exercise. They can experience a boost in focus, discipline and mood.


For all children who engage in athletics, you can expect an increase in attentiveness, greater planning skills and a greater control over resisting distractions. All of this contributes to performing better in school.


Learn how to keep your kids active with summer camp in Los Angeles. Visit, or call (310) 204-1980, and get a $10 session discount for new members.