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Gymnastics Classes Los Angeles

Gymnastic Classes Los Angeles


Gymnastics Classes for Children and Adults in LA


The LA School of Gymnastics offers gymnastics classes Los Angeles residents of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. Our classes range from toddler motor development programs to the pursuit of Olympic caliber competitors. Adults can enjoy a wide range of classes, and of course we have a full spectrum of kids’ classes. We also provide specialized training to those who have disabilities.

Gymnastics provides the strongest and most enjoyable foundation for a child’s journey in becoming a happy and healthy adult, by being one of the best all-around training experiences for growth and development. The development of physical condition, coordination and strength is complemented with the development of self-confidence, self-esteem, concentration and cooperative learning skills.

We are the oldest gymnastics school in LA, so you can rely on our long history of success. Our team of coaching experts furnish a consistently high professional standard of training. The team draws on a collection of qualified individuals with origins spanning 14 different nations. Each LA School of Gymnastics coach must complete several certification courses, including those sanctioned by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Moreover, 10 of the facility’s 27 coaches hold Master’s degrees in Physical Education, Anatomy and Physiology, or have backgrounds in professional athletics. That’s we offer gymnastic classes Los Angeles residents of all ages love.


Separate Boys and Girls Recreational Programs:


We offer Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced recreational practices, separated into a boys and girls program, Parents are welcome to watch the progression of their child in the designated 2nd floor glass observation room. These classes are grouped with all girls based on skill ability and age. Classes will emphasize a formal introduction to proper training technique of the bars, beam, vault, floor exercise, flexibility training, strength training and more! Each class is carefully constructed to motivate your child in a fun and progressive environment with the primary emphasis on safety and proper training methods for injury prevention and physical growth.


Rhythmic Gymnastics:

The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is the pioneer for the popularity and introduction of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the United States! This introductory level of the beautiful Olympic sport is designed to teach young girls how to work with a ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, club and flexibility in a routine.


Toddler – PreSchool Gymnastics Classes Los Angeles:


  • Parent and Me: Babies must be at least 18 months old, and moms or dads must be willing to have lots of fun! Our carefully trained staff will direct activities in this 1-hour lesson involving hand-eye coordination, motor development and physical education.
  • Mini Tots: 1 hour class where students, ages 3-4, will learn a formal introduction to Pre Level 1 gymnastics that includes basic tumbling skills and an overall experience that includes the bars, beam, and mini-vault with age appropriate equipment.
  • Hot Tots: This advanced program for kids aged 3-5 teaches basic tumbling skills on the floor exercise and experience the bars, beam, vault, and additional skills for advanced placement.


Adult Gym:

  • Adult Classes
  • Adult Gymnastics
  • Off ice skating


Other Programs:

  • Tumbling and Trampoline
  • Tumbling and Cheer
  • All Star Cheer
  • Special Education
  • Care Program
  • Boot Camp
  • Private Instruction

The LA School of Gymnastics offers is the one-stop place to explore gymnastic classes Los Angeles can be proud of!