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Gymnastics Classes for Teens

Choosing Gymnastics Classes For Teens

There are numerous benefits to giving teenagers the opportunity to practice gymnastics.

Especially at this time, when only one in four adolescents are physically active for the sixty minutes a day recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This trend of inactivity is particularly common with teenage girls, which is why an activity that girls can engage with on their own terms and in a supportive environment, like gymnastics, is such a suitable solution.

Getting Started With Gymnastics

Don’t worry if your teen is new to gymnastics. Los Angeles School of Gymnastics offers classes for girls and boys to suit all ability levels.

Our fully credentialed and highly successful gymnastics coaches have an incredible amount of experience between them that your children will be well-positioned to benefit from. As well as gymnastics, we also offer classes in cheerleading, power tumbling, and trampolining.

These classes are perfect for teenagers who are aiming for a spot in their school’s cheer team, or just want to learn core gymnastics moves such as handsprings and cartwheels.

If your teen is interested in more advanced cheer activities, we have an All-Star Cheer program which competes regionally and nationally. Alumni have gone on to cheer at prestigious schools like UCLA and UC Berkeley.

Physical Benefits of Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics is one of the healthiest sports a teenaged boy or girl can get involved in. Compared to sports such as football, male gymnasts have a more easily sustainable physique and none of the long-term health complications that footballers are often dogged by.

The greater level of flexibility gymnasts enjoy renders them less prone to other injuries, and their reduced startle response means that their reflexes are sharper, putting them at a lower risk of accidents, particularly with regard to driving. A useful fringe benefit for teenagers, we think you’d agree!

Psychological Benefits of Gymnastics Classes

In addition to the physical boons active gymnasts enjoy, participants will benefit from developing traits such as persistence, confidence, physical and mental discipline, courage, and improved self-esteem. Teenaged girls especially can benefit from these positive traits, as 70% of them suffer from issues with body image. Getting into the habit of regular intense physical activity can also have significant health benefits for years and years afterward. If regular exercise is an activity your teenager participates in at home, it is much likelier than your child will continue to be active in their adult life, putting them at a much lower risk of heart disease and a host of other medical conditions.

And, of course, the dedication and energy that regular gymnastics classes require means your child will be much less likely to divert their youthful exuberance into harmful activities such as substance abuse.

What We Provide

As the state’s largest specialist facility, with all the top-grade gymnastics equipment you’d expect to see, including full-sized trampolines, multiple beam bar stations, tumbling floors, and more, Los Angeles Schools of Gymnastics is the best place for your teen to take gymnastics classes.

We’re conveniently located in Culver City, near the 10 and 405 freeways.

If you’re interested in choosing a quality gymnastics class for your teenager, Los Angeles School of Gymnastics can help. Call us on (310) 204-1980, or contact us at