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Special Education

The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is proud to offer Nationally recognized Special Education program.

The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is proud to offer a nationally recognized Special Needs Program for Gymnastics! NOW YOU HAVE A QUALITY CHOICE FOR YOUR CHILD’S PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT! Our unique training methods have been designed to meet the needs of children and adults by utilizing gymnastics as a primary tool for rehabilitation. Our specialized trainers have specialized training and certification in proper training techniques for children with special needs (Autism, Asbergers, Down Syndrome). Join our loving, caring and gifted staff by contacting the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics Special Needs Department at (310) 204-1980 ext. 231.


special needs camp
Coach Darryl and Lauren.
Lauren has been doing Gymnastics with Darryl since she was just 6 years old! She will be 16 this summer!



The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics endeavors with EVERY significant funding organization in California! Contact our offices NOW for speak with Coach Darryl and make your Assessment appointment!

* Restrictions and limitations may apply. Call for details.*



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