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Rhythmic Gymnastics in Los Angeles

Professional and Fun Rhythmic Gymnastics Available in Los Angeles



Does your daughter enjoy twirling a ribbon in the air as she prances around the house? Does she love playing outside with a hula hoop? Are you interested in finding a fun way to keep your child busy while also making sure she has an outlet for her endless energy and creativity? Rhythmic Gymnastics in Los Angeles may be the perfect activity for your child!

There are numerous benefits to dancing; not only is it a healthy combination of physical activity and social interaction, it can also build confidence. Dancing allows children and adolescents to express themselves physically while they relax and have fun. If you can appreciate the various benefits of dance in all its forms, you’ll be able to understand why rhythmic gymnastics has increased in popularity over the past several years. Rhythmic gymnastics is the art of expressive movement combined with a unique blend of gymnastics that your daughter will LOVE!


Rhythmic Gymnastics Los Angeles

Expert Training for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Los Angeles

Rhythmic gymnastics in Los Angeles ranges from hobby-level to training for competition. Rhythmic gymnastic routines are choreographed to music. These numbers also involve body elements and dance movements combined with the handling of small equipment including props like: rope, hoops, balls, clubs and ribbon. The choreography must cover the entire floor and contain a balanced choice of the groups of elements, including jumps, leaps, pivots, balances and flexibility movements. Each distinct movement involves a high degree of athletic skill and grace.

The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is responsible for pioneering rhythmic gymnastics in the Los Angeles area. The introduction and rise in popularity of rhythmic gymnastics in the United States can be traced back to when our founders began teaching. The introductory level of this incredibly beautiful and elegant Olympic sport is designed to teach young girls how to become more flexible while working with a ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, or clubs in a professional routine.

This program offers the best all-around physical education compliment to any young girl’s physique and development. Our exclusive rhythmic gymnastics recreational program includes semi-annual performances, self-esteem and public performance building skills that will last a lifetime!

All programs are taught by highly qualified instructors with Master’s Degrees and Physical Education degrees from Europe. Please visit our center to receive more information about our impressive curriculum.



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Take the RG Challenge!


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Enrollment into the Rhythmic Challenge class is by invitaton only. The Rhythmic Challenge program is focused on preparing children for our Pre-Team. Each class emphasizes strength and flexibility training as well as apparatus technique and body positons. Children must be able to show basic Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) skill competence, have great listening skills and have a strong desire to learn Rhythmic Gymnastcs.


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