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Mini Tots

Imagine an award-winning center that has been working with pre-school children for over 45 years that is designed to challenge and delight your child!

Gymnastics Classes for Children

Our multi-leveled classes target children of all ages and skill ranges.

We have an amazing mini tots preschool program and girls and boys programs for children who compete on an advanced level or just bend their body for fun.

The Mini-Tots Preschool gymnastics program is a class format in which boys and girls ages 3-4 years are without a parent and participate in a group class format with a specialized instructor.

Experts believe that movement at this stage in life is essential in developing hand-eye coordination, direction taking skills, motor development, physical education, and cooperative learning skills.

Students will learn a formal introduction to Pre Level 1 gymnastics that includes basic tumbling skills and an overall experience that includes the bars, beam, and mini-vault with age-appropriate equipment.

This fantastic 1-hour lesson involving FUN and EXCITEMENT will delight your child and bring years of physical benefit and fun!