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Girls Gymnastics Programs

Your child will be grouped with all girls based on skill ability and age. Our classes emphasize proper training technique of the bars, beam, vault, floor exercise, flexibility training, strength training and more!

Each class is carefully constructed to motivate your child in a fun and progressive environment with an emphasis on safety and proper training methods for injury prevention.


Girls Beginning:

Girls Recreational classes are part of the developmental program based on USA Gymnastics (governing body of gymnastics in the United States) guidelines for Level 1 training.


Girls Intermediate:


This is for Level 2 Girls Recreational classes part of the developmental program based on USA Gymnastics. These classes have a larger focus on progressive skills and emphasis on the formal introduction.


The award-winning competitive team programs for girls at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has been winning medals and titles from around the
globe since 1975! Programs for Girls Levels 1-10 are available! We provide a competitive program providing training in all Olympic apparatus including beam, bars, vault and floor exercise.


Girls Advanced:

Our Girls Advanced classes are for Level 3 training and are a part of the developmental program based on USA Gymnastics. This is the final skill level before moving into the competitive sports structure of the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics. Your child’s instructor will make a formal recommendation if your child is ready to move to the next skill group.


Rhythmic Gymnastics:

Does your little girl enjoy twirling a ribbon or playing with a hula hoop? Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect answer for your child!

If you like the benefits of dance, ballet, expressive movement combined with a unique blend of gymnastics- your daughter will LOVE Rhythmic Gymnastics!

The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is the pioneer for the popularity and introduction of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the United States! This introductory level of the beautiful Olympic sport is designed to teach young girls how to work with a ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, club and flexibility in a routine. This program offers the best all-around physical education compliment to any young girl’s physique and development.

Our exclusive Rhythmic Gymnastics recreational program includes semi-annual performances, self-esteem and public performance building skills that will last a lifetime.

All programs are taught by highly qualified instructors with Master Degrees and Physical degrees from Europe.