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Over 40 Years Since 1975
Now in Los Angeles School of Gymnastics The largest indoor boot camp can be Yours at Los Angeles School of Gymnastics
  • Specifically developed each exercise to simultaneously train the core, heart, lungs, joints, nervous system, upper body and lower body. 
  • ​Each exercise produces up to 20 times greater caloric burn than traditional health club equipment.
  • ​Using state of the art elastic resistance training equipment, balance beams, carpeted, spring-loaded floors, gliding discs, and crash mats, boot camp becomes a virtual playground that’s easy on the joints. 
  • ​Obstacle courses, strength training circuits, partnered drills, team games, and even dodge ball distract from the intense calorie burn and toning effect of your muscles by making it what our students call “the most fun they’ve ever had working out.” 
  • ​LA School of Gymnastics is NOW offering a unique and affordable sublease opportunity for an Indoor/Outdoor boot camp classes/training program.
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