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How to Ensure a Successful Back to School Transition

Back to School

The long summer vacation is ending and parents across the county may be wondering how to make sure their kids get the right start to their school year. There are lots of ways that you can provide for their success, whether it be academically, socially, or in terms of their psychological or physical development. Here are some ideas.


A Good Morning Routine

Getting your family to school on time is the main order of the day. It’s funny how kids can always manage to rouse themselves on mornings they have something planned, but mysteriously lose that verve when school comes back around. Establish good habits early on, by modelling them yourself. Set an alarm and stick to it, and get your children to do the same independently. From this example they will learn the responsibility of managing their own morning routines. For older children and teenagers, you should also ensure that they allow time in their morning schedule for washing and/or showering. A functional routine is a matter of good habits, which requires an absolute minimum of three weeks consistent application before it will come naturally. Note that the three week minimum only applies to easy tasks like drinking juice with breakfast. For getting teenagers out of bed on time every morning, you might be looking at closer to three months of constant reinforcement!

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Hopefully your family hasn’t just been vegetating on their phones all summer. If you want them to continue the physical activity they’ve been engaging with over the summer, or if you want them to get into new activities, the new school year is a perfect time to start. Most schools have after school programs or teams that your children can try out for. Even if your child is not a particularly gifted athlete, there are activity programs outside of school where children can refine their abilities and gain confidence in the capability of their bodies. Especially when children and teens are transitioning from a lifestyle of near uninterrupted play and recreation to a school schedule, ensuring that they have opportunities for physical exertion will go a long way to preserving healthy brain chemistry, especially if your child is the sort to get stressed out about new and difficult schoolwork. Physical activity gets oxygen pumping around the body and encourages release of endorphins that lift your mood and keep your brain firing on all cylinders: essential for a productive time at school!

Schedule Juggling

While there is a lot to be said for after-school activities, it is important for your child’s development not to overdo things. As well as physical activities there are also homework assignments to consider. Additionally unstructured play (teenagers might prefer to call it ‘free time’) is of great importance to developing minds, as it promotes brain plasticity, or to put it another way, imagination, versatility and the ability to adapt to new scenarios without stress. Moderation: a mix of physical activity, homework, and play is the key.


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