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Are You Ready? OLYMPICS GAMES 2020. How to Prepare Your Future Olympian


Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, flexibility, focus and PRACTICE! Commit your child to LASG’s year around camp’s and programs to prepare him/her to have a bright gymnastics career. It starts now! Why wait?

Commit to the process as a parent and teach your child the value of hard work. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!


Dedication in gymnastics creates many opportunities for advancement. Just like school, gymnastics can be challenging, but it is a great reward in the end.

The success your child has in gymnastics first depends on your dedication to getting your child to class, having him/her practice at home and expanding their knowledge of the sport.


Since 1975, LASG has successfully trained gymnastics athletes and helped them prepare to face the best in competition. Be sure your child’s passion is renewed every day. THE SAME GOES FOR YOU!

Passion is the key to unlock any door of opportunity you may have for your family. Get ready, and keep your PASSION alive!