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2016 Southern California State Championships, La jolla

LASG ladies attended the 2016 SoCal State Championships at La jolla.

Level 5, ’05

1st Place, All-Around

Kim, Fiona

Score- 42.900

Grand Champion, 1st place on all events

2nd Place, All-Around

O’Herron, Sophia

Score- 38.150

4th Place

Cotrone, Isabella

Score- 33.000

Level 5, ’06

1st Place All-Around

Sokolsky, Pauline

Sokolsky, Pauline

Level 5, ’07

2nd Place All-Around

Valkov, Martha

Score- 38.800

Level 5, ’07

5th Place

Cao, Grace

Score- 33.350

7th Place

Thomas, Morgan

Score- 28.050

Here are the few pics we were able to attain from this Great competition.