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“Please note LASG offices will ONLY be closed on Thursday, Nov 23rd and Friday, Nov 24th in observance of Thanksgiving. Offices will reopen on Saturday, Nov 25th at 8am for a regularly scheduled classes and programs.”


1996 Olympic Gold Champion Kerri Strug visits LA School of Gymnastics

By: bradd772
Los Angeles, CA

My daughter started her first class today after taking an assessment. Everyone was super friendly including the real fun coaches and At first I was like my daughter is not going to be in that. However there is an entire ‘mini tots’ class structured around her age group.

Lawsonville, NC

Words cannot reflect the kind and wonderful work this school serves the community. The hard work on my child’s coach demonstrated this year is commendable and highly professional. I would invite anyone to see this world renown school and how wonderful the staff and people are at this community staple.

Los Angeles, CA

The coaches and boys team really made my son feel welcome. They were very skilled, knowledgeable and gave him a new drive to continue competing and training. My son loves it here. The coach even moved him up to a different level, which I think really helped our soon feel motivated.

Los Angeles, CA

My son was taking a competitive boys Level 4 program at another school. He was starting to get burned out and before he quit, we wanted him to try a few schools to see if a coaching or environment change might keep him motivated. Well, we found a new home at LASG and so happy we were able to get his drive and motivation back.

Los Angeles, CA

I really recommend checking this school out they are totally legit and teach real gymnastics to everyone and they have lots of specialty classes that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Los Angeles, CA

I like the high expectations for learning conveyed to the gymnasts by their instructors. I feel that not only is she learning to become a gymnast, but she is gaining other important life skills like work ethic, don’t give up, time management.

Rocklin, CA

I came here and the coaches are great. My daughter has learned a lot from this gym she is so happy here and wants to come every day!

Culver City, CA

Well Trained! I feel the instructors at the facility are
well trained and are amazing with the children. I highly recommend this facility to any parent who wants there children in Gymnastics.

Paso Robles, CA

I enjoy watching the children interacting with one another and the way Heather displays good character to each Child. She shows that most of all discipline and direction is very important for a positive attraction of success. Job well done Heather!!

Fullerton, CA

Fantastic! LA School of Gymnastics has been fantastic for my daughter. The coaches are terrific. Not only have her gymnastics skills have improved tremendously, but she has learned discipline.

Olianna Brezhnev
Beverly Hills, CA

” Thank you LASG for serving our community, providing wonderful coaches. I remember when I started training at LASG when I was 8 years old and my daughter started around the same time. I felt a level of trust that I did not find anywhere else, I truly felt like LASG was a second home to me and my family. Everyone praised my daughter each time she would come into the facility, the nice lady at the front window would always be friendly when I came in to pick her up. A few years ago I had my 2nd child who is now in the Parent & Me class and he is developing with his class and coach very well. We have been to other places for parties and events, but LASG is our natural choice it has something special, a place we can always rely on for a good quality program. I realize that there are always someone who isn’t happy but that is not the standard at LASG and I would highly recommend the school.”

Jennifer Schmidt
Culver City, CA

” I absolutely love my child’s coach and this school is amazing! I would highly recommend this school.”

John Carusso
Los Angeles, CA

” Words can not reflect the kind and wonderful work this school serves the community. The hard work my child’s coach demonstrated this year is commendable and highly professional. I would invite anyone to see this world renown school and how wonderful the staff and people are at this community staple.”

Caroline Chon
Santa Monica, CA

” It has been amazing seeing my daughter’s growth from the 1st class with tears to a confident & willing participant who really enjoy class. Coach Heather is wonderful!.”

Shawn Fleming
Los Angeles, CA

“I Love Melodie our teacher for my 4 and 6 years old kids.She is amazing, perfect balance of work and discipline and knows when to push and when not to. Feel luck to have her, she cares.”

Sasha Skibo
Culver City, CA

“Coach Heather is excellent. She is firm but caring. My daughter has learned a lot from her, including turn taking in addition to gymnastics skills.”


“I have been taking my daughter to LA school of gymnastics for 2 years now. She is a beginner and this was her first gymnastics school. At first, my daughter was very shy in front of large groups. Tanya took the time to welcome my daughter and make her feel comfortable with the rest of the staff and the dancers. My daughter went from super shy to outgoing thanks mostly to this school. Her motivation and energy level increased in the gym as well as academically. All of the coaches here are so helpful, knowledgeable, and they definitely know how to motivate my child. Anyways, we are very grateful for the experience this far at LA School of Gymnastics. I recommend them to all of my friends. Keep up the good work!