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Early Enrollment Discount: May 21 – May 27
Academy Meet & Expo: May 20, from 1pm to 3pm.
Join our Camp Open House on May 6th, from 1pm to 3pm.

Award – Winning Summer Gymnastics Day Camp Programs!

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* Beginners through Competition Levels in Artistic & Rhythmic Gymnastics!


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Summer Break is around the corner and your children will soon be out of school looking for new and exciting activities to get into. Enrolling your child in Summer Gymnastics Camp will keep them busy while also giving them the opportunity to learn a fun, new skill. At Summer Gymnastics Camp they will learn discipline, fitness skills and begin their journey to the Olympics!

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Your child can learn karate, power tumbling, trampoline, cheer, rhythmic gymnastics and much more. You can also choose your weeks and days! We offer a half day camp from 9am-12pm, a full day camp from 9am-3pm, and extended care from 9am-3pm. We also have hot lunches and snacks available for purchase. We can’t wait to see you here at LA School of Gymnastics Summer Break Camp.

Want to know more about some of the exciting programs your children can enroll in at summer camp, a gymnastics camp or a Los Angeles day camp? First there’s karate. Karate is an excellent sport to learn not just the invaluable task of self-defense, but to learn the vital skill of how to evade conflict or a physical altercation. Children who learn karate feel empowered and are less likely to get into fights.

At a summer camp, a gymnastics camp or a Los Angeles day camp, your children can enroll in a power tumbling or trampoline class. These 98allow students to learn basic to advanced acrobatic skills, as well as balance skills. Regulation competition fl+oors are used and the foundation of cheerleading and gymnastics is taught. A trampoline bed is used in one or more of the offerings in summer camp, a gymnastics camp or a Los Angeles day camp.

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