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Gymnastics Training for Girls

Benefits of Gymnastics Training for Girls

Gymnastics training for girls has never been more fun, engaging and beneficial than since the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics started teaching students! Gymnastics training for girls is our specialty and our range of highly skilled and experienced coaches and instructors know exactly how to teach your daughter to be the best.

The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is a nonprofit Olympic quality gymnastics-training center. Since 1975, our educational facility has been offering gymnastics training for girls and youth and is considered to be one of the best gymnastics training facilities in the United States. Led by Alla Svirsky, the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has provided thousands of young athletes with superior quality gymnastics training for girls and instruction. We are proud to say that the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has produced several Olympians and internationally ranked athletes.

Depending on your daughter’s age, she will be grouped with other female students based on her unique abilities. Gymnastic training for girls depends on the student’s age and ability, she will be organized into a group of similar students to the coaches and instructors can help her learn new skills and hone her talent. At the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, our range of classes emphasize proper training technique of beams, bars, vaults, flexible training, floor exercises, strength training and more. There are so many benefits of gymnastics training for girls, that your child will experience both mental and physical advantages.

Some of the benefits of gymnastics training for girls include general health advantages, social benefits and the installation of mental values that can make a huge impact on the rest of your child’s life. For decades, studies have shown that children benefit from an active lifestyle. Thus, participating in an activity like gymnastics training for girls have endless benefits for your daughter or young, female relative. Participating in gymnastics training for girls helps children learn how to become more physically active so they can stay fit and healthy for years to come. Gymnastic training for girls also includes social benefits like equipping them with the skillset to commit to something even when it gets challenging, manage the physical and emotional challenges that life throws at you, communicate with adults and other kids their own age, how to listen and follow instructions, how to take turns and respect others and last but not least- how to make friends!

Gymnastics Training for Girls & More

At the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, we know that there are many short and long term benefits of gymnastics training for girls. At our premier gymnastics facility, we ensure that each class is carefully constructed in order to motivate your child in a fun and progressive environment. Additionally, our world-class instructors pride themselves on creating a culture of professionalism with an emphasis on safety and proper training methods in order to prevent any and all injuries.

At the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, our gymnastics training for girls classes include:

  • Girls Beginning
  • Girls Intermediate
  • Girls Advanced
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Girls Competitive Team
  • And more here

To learn more about the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics and our gymnastics training for girls programs and more, please visit or call (310) 204-1980.