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Rhythmic Gymnastics Camp: July 2 – August 24
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How You Could Benefit From Parkour Classes

Posted on Jul 9, 2018 in Blog

If you or your kiddo are wanting to try something new this summer or you are looking for a new, creative way to get outside, parkour classes might be the answer. By learning to free run and improvise while exercising, the participant will learn so much more than basic sports skills. Parkour is a very unique activity, and the challenge can leave a runner feeling excited, confident, and full of energy (without the sugar!) While everybody is different, here are some general benefits of taking parkour classes. It exercises the entire body. Regular running on a track, treadmill, or field generally only works out the lower-half of the body. The arms would need to be worked out somehow else. However, with parkour classes, a participant truly gets an entire body workout. It encourages quick-thinking. Parkour is sometimes called free-running,...

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Crawling Has Been Proven To Improve Children’s Reading Skills

Posted on Apr 21, 2018 in Blog

Gymnastics for Preschoolers

Crawling is So Important to Toddlers There are things we take for granted as parents. Like how amazing a child’s developmental process is. Many kids are slow to growing or learning because their parents are educated enough. It’s important that children learn to crawl before they walk. Skipping crawling will slow a child’s developmental process. Parents are often concerned about when their child will crawl, walk, jump, run, and talk. A good gymnastics program can be created to assist in all these areas of development. Research has found that children who do not spend time crawling can typically have more difficulty with reading and writing later. The reason for this is because when a child crawls, they are tracking their hands with eyes in a pattern of movement (reading). Their hands slap the ground and develop strength and flexibility...

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Sign Up For Spring Break Camp Now!

Posted on Feb 23, 2018 in Blog, News

Want to make your kids’ spring break more active? This mini break from school can be a great opportunity to let your kids burn their energy in a fun and supportive camp this spring break. At the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, we have it all figured out for you. Sign your children up for Spring Break Camp where they will enjoy arts & crafts, play fun games, and take daily gymnastics classes. Spring Break Camp at the LA School of Gymnastics is available for both boys and girls. The program helps to teach children discipline, fitness, and the fundamentals of gymnastics. Starting March 20th through April 11th, you can sign your child up for a half day or full day of Spring Break Camp. Find our complete Spring Camp Handbook for further details and daily schedule. Each day...

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Get Ready For Spring Camp At Los Angeles School of Gymnastics and Other Upcoming Events

Posted on Jan 28, 2018 in Blog, News

Do you love camp just as much as us? Wish you could send your kids to Gymnastics camp during the Spring and not only in Summer? LA School of Gymnastics offers Spring Camp this year during Easter break, from March 20th – April 11th. Springtime is packed with fun stuff too, like Open House in May, so make sure to check back in with us frequently for updates to our schedule. There’s still a few days left in January and we are offering an early enrollment discount for those of you who sign up your kids between 1/29-2/4. This is a great way to get a headstart on your personal goals for 2018 and to reserve your spot for Session 2 of Gymnastics School. Our annual LA Lights Event just passed as well. You can view highlights and results...

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Best Gymnastics School in Los Angeles

Posted on Jan 18, 2018 in Blog

Kids love gymnastics and adults do too. It’s the new year and it’s only right you make it a goal for you and your kids to get involved in gymnastics. It’s not only a great way to get in shape but will also bring you the energy and excitement you’ve been missing. We’ve got a few reasons why you should sign up for the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics today. You won’t regret it! One of the best reasons to start up with LA School of Gymnastics is the simple fact that we are the first gymnastics center in Los Angeles! Established in 1975, our school has taught gymnastics instruction and education to over 1,000,000 families. We offer innovative programs and well-rounded curriculum that supports healthy, happy children and adults for over 40 years. LA School of Gymnastics offers...

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