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Gymnastics is the Perfect Cross Training Activity for Boys

Posted on Jul 13, 2017 in Blog

Often times, people think gymnastics is a “girls sport” but men’s artistic gymnastics has produced some of the greatest athletes in the world. There are many benefits of putting your son in gymnastics classes, including helping them to play other sports. According to, check out these reason why gymnastics helps boys play in other sports   Improved motor skills, coordination and balance Gymnastics is the perfect cross training activity for boys. Why? Because all sports require a variety of movement skills and “gymnastics helps children build a range of motor and coordination skills, and assists in developing a good sense of body awareness.” Through gymnastics boys can improve these skills in a way that just practicing within their sport cannot. According to Olympic gold-medalist Kyle Shewfelt, “every little boy should be put in gymnastics, regardless of size.” He...

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A History of Gymnastics

Posted on Jul 1, 2017 in Blog

Do you want to know more about the history of gymnastics and how it came to be one of the greatest sports around? Check out this article from You are sure to learn some interesting facts that you never knew before… Gymnastics is the practice of athletic exercises for the development of the body, especially those exercises performed with apparatus such as rings, pommel horse, bars, and balance beam. Although gymnastics was likely practised in ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures, its roots for Western culture lie in ancient Greece, hence the derivation from the Greek word gymnazein, which literally means ‘to train naked’ (gymnos: naked). The early Greeks practised gymnastics in preparation for war, as jumping, running, discus throwing, wrestling, and boxing helped produce the strong, supple muscles necessary for hand-to-hand combat. Because military training was necessary for...

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Benefits of Preschool Gymnastics

Posted on Jun 19, 2017 in Blog

Do you have an active baby who loves to run, jump, and tumble all around the house? Gymnastics classes for babies are the perfect way to use of all that energy for something fun and exciting. We here at LA School of Gymnastics offer Parent and Me Classes starting at 18 months and Mini Tots classes beginning at 3 years of age. Our coaches have a long history of working with pre-school aged children and we have seen so many active babies channel all of their energy into gymnastics.   Are you wondering what the long term benefits of putting your baby in gymnastics are? Well, according to, here are 10 amazing benefits your toddler will get from gymnastics:   Preschool Gymnastics Develops Cognitive Skills – Learning and completing a gymnastic routine requires the use of the mind...

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How to have the best Summer Ever!

Posted on Jun 6, 2017 in Blog

Summer is coming up fast and it is time to start planning the best summer ever! We know being out of school gives kids a lot of free time and that time should be spent having a blast, learning new skills, exercising their mind, exercising their body, creating lasting memories, soaking in the sun and just being a kid. Our gymnastics camp is the perfect opportunity for kids to participate in a structured sport environment where they will have the opportunity to learn new gymnastics tricks while also perfecting the skills they already know. Our gymnastics camp is filled with amazing training from Olympic-affiliated coaches who will nurture your child’s ability to perform at advanced levels. Our gymnastics camp also includes visiting our local pool for recreational swimming because what is summer without soaking in the sun. Our summer...

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Summer Camp 2017 – Sign Up Now!

Posted on May 29, 2017 in Featured


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