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Acrobatic Gymnastics

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What is Acro?

Competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics (“Acro” for short) is a discipline recognized by USA Gymnastics. Acro is the combination of dance, tumbling, and partner stunts performed by synchronized pairs or groups. Routines are performed on a 40’x40’ spring floor and each level has specific requirements that must be met, similar to artistic gymnastics. Engaging choreography and brilliant attire are also a part of this form of gymnastics.

Athletes of varying ages, shapes and sizes are needed in the sport. Smaller, more flexible athletes are needed for top positions, while taller, stronger athletes are ideal for base positions. Both boys and girls are welcomed in the discipline. There are five types of partnerships in competitive acro: Men’s Pairs (2), Women’s Pairs (2), Mixed Pairs (2), Women’s Group/Trio (3) and Men’s Group (4).

Young or beginner athletes may go through recreational training before considering competition. We have had athletes ages 4 to 25 involved in our competitive program. Pair/groups that work exceptionally well together and show great dedication may be invited to travel outside of California with opportunities to compete across the country. Very experienced athletes may be selected to compete for Team USA at international events all over the world.



Why choose Gemini Acro?

Gemini Acro Gymnastics was founded by head coach Audra Gustin and is the newest program here at LASG. At Gemini Acro we strive to train dedicated, well-disciplined athletes in a supportive environment where they can achieve their goals. Safety and success is our highest priority for athletes of all ages regardless of their background and prior experience.

Audra has been involved with acrobatics since 1995 and has served as an athlete, judge, choreographer, clinician, National Congress speaker and US National Team Coach. Audra currently serves on USA Gymnastics Selection Commitee, which is in place to choose athletes for international competitions.

Since 2012 Audra has consistency produced multiple National and International Champions.  The LA School of Gymnastics is the ONLY facility in West Los Angeles offering competitive acrobatic gymnastics and is proud to be the home to some of highest caliber coaching staff in the country. We are driving distance to the majority of Region 1 competitions and located just 20 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, an easy and cost- effective option for traveling to farther distance competitions.



Contact us today!

To learn more about the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics and our Camps, Competitive or Recreational acro classes, please contact Audra by email: or by phone: 310-204-1980 Ext: 266


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